Tech Truths Part 1

Recently, I wrote a series of posts in a private Facebook group for parents of Deaf children. These posts were about my experience with cochlear implants and growing up as an oral Deaf child. I didn't know if they would be well received or if they would really help anything, but my desire was to … Continue reading Tech Truths Part 1



It's recently come to my attention that I needed a place I could share some things I've written, a place that isn't limited to those with Facebook accounts or connected to my more personal corners on the web.┬áSo today, I created this blog. You'll notice some entries before this one, even though this is a … Continue reading Welcome!


In a beautiful park, there's a crowd of people. They are all so vastly different, but connected one way or another. They interact with each other, moving among the different smaller groups, the inner circles, the outer circles, and sometimes standing on their own doing their own thing. They are all living life; the good, … Continue reading Pillar