It’s recently come to my attention that I needed a place I could share some things I’ve written, a place that isn’t limited to those with Facebook accounts or connected to my more personal corners on the web. 

So today, I created this blog. You’ll notice some entries before this one, even though this is a brand-new blog. Those entries will be things I’ve already written in the past, back-dated to the actual day that they were written. Just thought I would state that in order to clear up any confusion. 

I hope anyone who visits this little corner of the web enjoys what they find here.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Lily


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. australiaclivia says:

    Absolutely agree. I was homeless with an 18 year old, first had the end of a shed, he had an old caravan, but that was so bad in the shed, I had to sleep in the car. Then slept at a friends house. The only difficulty is trying to maintain or get employment while homeless. My son trying to study for his final exams, for school, horrific, poor kid.
    So true, people confuse beggars, with homeless. I was 49, 18 year old son, 3 other kids grown up or at university, an ex husband who stalked me until I had nothing…………..
    someone once said, a woman always ends up with nothing………..so true, expecially domestic violence situation……………… The absolute ridiculousness of giving someone a bar of soap? We didnt need soap, we NEEDED A HOME. Got one eventually, homeswest, finally got some financial help, and even had a job for 6 mnonths, time to find another.
    People need to just think, it could be them homeless next year, through no fault of their own. It happens.

  2. aimee says:

    Sometimes this crap makes me not want to even be a part of the human race. We are not in anyway wealthy, one small catastrophe away from homelessness ourselves. My 65 year old mother picked me up to pay $500 on a maxxed out cc to get my car that broke down out of the shop. I was irritated and tired we went to look for a cool place to sit and rehydrate and share a sandwich it was 106 f that day and they were still finishing up with my car. Oh and just so you know my Mom drives a ’93 Kia that one of her grandchildren rolled onto its side creating strange noises and a crunchy look to one side, yet she thanks the Lord it just passed smog. My diatribe aside, on every corner there was someone asking for help. We passed a man that appeared to have a cerebral palsy -like condition the light was green and my Mom went through the intersection all the while not trying to cry. I said let’s go back, in the nicest voice I could muster on a thoroughly cruddy day. He was in front of a fast food restaurant and I said in my haste, you go speak with him and I will buy the food.( My Mom likes to meet new people, I knew this wasn’t going to be a quick gesture if I didn’t intervene.) I grabbed a combo and lemonade for him and walked outside. Mom was walking him inside the dining area to get him out of the sun, seated I gave him the lunch and $5 dollars. My Mom then told the stranger named Steven we would drive him to his shelter he had mentioned to her while I was buying food. I stepped in and said no we don’t drive newly met strangers around do we Mother? She argued for a moment and I said nice to meet you Steven and you can get anywhere you want to go with the money you have now. I ushered her out. I had watched the bag idea with skepticism I was born with, but with a little money, a bus pass, water, bus schedule and list of shelters, my 65 year old 90 lbs. Mother would have no reason to offer rides to complete strangers. On driving away, she said well the Lord really blessed us for putting us on this journey. Self grandiosity I beg to differ.

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